Portable analyzer

Portable analyzer specialized in Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), and Oxygen (O2) measurements in biogas (landfill gas, biodigestors, etc...).

Measurement fields

  • Methane: 0 - 70 %
  • Oxygen: 0 - 25 %
  • Carbon dioxide: 0 - 50 %
  • Carbon monoxide: 0 - 9.500 ppm
  • Hydrogen sulphide (additional sensor / range 0 - 500 ppm)
  • Ammonia (additional sensor / range 0 - 1.000 ppm)
  • Flow sensor (additional sensor)

Options avaible

ABE_550:  Flow sensor (anemometer)
It allows the visualization of the biogas flow value

ABE_553:  Microsoft Windows 10 compatible software
  For the configuration of the analyzer and the transfer of data read to Microsoft Excel text files or Microsoft Access databases

ABE_570:  Custody
For transport and for the protection of the analyzer

ABE_580:  Additional sensor for hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Range 0 - 500 ppm

ABE_581:  Additional sensor for ammonia (NH3)
Range 0 - 1.000 ppm

Technical specifications

Operating Temperature   - 5 ° C / 50 ° C

Weight   2,5 kg

Dimensions   300 * 220 * 75 mm



Large LCD display 1/4 VGA (320 * 240 pixels), gray.

Backlit screen.

High level of brightness, possibility to vary the contrast.

Allows simultaneous display of all measurements made in numerical form.


Numerical membrane keyboard plus special functions (raised keys, the pressure squeezes a stainless steel bubble producing the sensation of the key).

Allows local management of all the functionality of the instrument.

High degree of protection, completely sealed container that allows the use of the analyzer on the outside and in the presence of water splashes.

Numerical window:

It is the main window on which all the variables read by the system are displayed in numerical form.

The most important values (Methane, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide) are displayed with larger characters to be easily read even from a great distance.