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Control of industrial plants in real time, systems distributed in the network, modifications of existing plants, PLC:

  • Schneider Electric
  • Omron
  • Siemens

Control applications are developed for PLCs including the following functions:

  • Acquisition of input and output channels
  • Management of manual user commands
  • Automatic cycle management
  • Management of restart sequence after power failure, partial or total
  • Alarm management
  • Management of a network interview with motor drives
  • Communication management with operator panels
  • Communication management with supervision stations
  • System diagnostics



Data collection systems directly from the plant:

  • Production analysis
  • Traceability of products
  • Automatic identification



Design, implementation, testing of control and supervision software, development of projects according to customer specifications:

  • Visual C ++
  • Visual Basic

Supervision functions include:

  • Main menu, navigation tools
  • Representation of the states of the utilities and of the values in pages of the synoptic
  • User manual control
  • Automatic cycle management pages
  • Windows for displaying and setting analog measurements
  • Display windows and settings setting
  • Recording and representation of analog data in the form of trends (in real time and in history)
  • Recording and display of alarms
  • Recording and visualization of events related to processing sequences
  • Password management access to various functions



Software monitoring systems for landfill of municipal solid waste:

  • Biogas collection
  • Suction and management lines
  • High temperature thermo-destruction systems
  • Controls for the treatment of biogas: panels for suction, treatment and high temperature controlled combustion



  • Photovoltaic and wind power plants for the production of electricity, with or without grid connection
  • Controls for textile plants: frames for milling, carding, handling and machine control systems
  • Logistics and production monitoring: weighing, automatic labeling, progress, stops, yields, analysis, centralized management