Air sampling pump

The new model ABE_150 replaces the previous models ABE_110 and ABE_120, now no longer in production.
The new pump allows the sampling of air samples from the most varied types of plants: composting plants, waste treatment plants, restaurants, fast-food, chemical industries, refineries, tanneries, landfills, etc... .
Typical uses of the collection of these samples are olfactometric measurements or sensors, for the verification of the concentration of odors or pollutants and for the verification of emissions into the atmosphere.
The equipment uses a membrane pump that allows the collection of samples also from collectors, filters, etc..., even in depression up to at least -150 mbar.
The main advantage of this pump model is the total absence of contact between the pump and the gas to be analyzed: thanks to this, the gas to be analyzed is in no way contaminated.
The diaphragm pump sucks air from inside the pump and discharges it to the outside, creating a vacuum inside the tube; the depression itself causes the bag to be filled.
Fast, easy and reliable system for the replacement of the bag by means of a high-tight threaded closure, which allows the elimination of possible air leaks.
The bags used are made of nalophan (high-strength, odorless material).
The pump is supplied with a battery charger and 10 test bags.
The long-lasting nickel-cadmium battery makes it possible to fill at least 250 analysis bags before needing a refill (filling time of less than 85 seconds).
The pump is covered by a 1-year warranty excluding the battery whose duration is strongly dependent on its use.
The model ABE_150 has a flow regulator that allows to increase the filling time of the bag, absorbing a lower flow of gas to be analyzed.

Technical specifications

Operating Range   - 150 mbar

Fill time   Less than 85 seconds

Power supply battery charger   230 Volt 50 Hz 11,3 W

Battery life   Over 250 bags

Battery charging time   6 hours

Operating temperature   - 5 ° C / 50 ° C

Weight   5 Kg

Dimensions   170 * 170 * 880 mm

Maximum depression reached   - 300 mbar