Peltier refrigerator for biogas analysis

Peltier cell refrigerator (to analyze landfill gas, biodigesters, etc...).

Available Options

ABE_551:  Pair of radio transmitters
They allow data transfer between the PC and the refrigeration unit up to a distance of 1.000 meters

ABE_553:  Microsoft Windows 10 compatible software
 For the configuration of the analyzer and the transfer of data read to Microsoft Excel text files or Microsoft Access databases

ABE_556:  Condensation presence sensor in the circuit
It generates a critical alarm to protect the sensors

ABE_557:  Suction pump for biogas
Managed directly from the refrigerator

Technical specifications

Operating Temperature   - 5 ° C / 50 ° C

Weight   6 kg

Dimensions   300 * 220 * 75 mm

Measurement fields

ABE_300 cools the gas to remove moisture before sending it to an analysis circuit



Large LCD display 1/4 VGA (320 * 240 pixels) in reverse display (luminous writing), blue.

High level of brightness, possibility to vary the contrast.

Allows simultaneous viewing of all measurements made in numerical form and those in graphical form (Trend).


Numerical membrane keyboard plus special functions (raised keys, the pressure squeezes a stainless steel bubble producing the sensation of the key).

Allows local management of all the functionality of the instrument.


1. Maximum radiator temperature alarm
2. Condensation alarm
3. Refrigerator alarm